Thirtieth Annual Victorian Algebra Conference


Thursday November 29  Friday November 30, 2012

School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences
RMIT University, Victoria 3000, Australia

The aim of the annual Victorian Algebra Conference is to foster communication between algebraists in Australia in general and in Victoria in particular. We interpret algebra quite broadly, including areas such as topological algebra, algebraic logic, graph theory and coding theory. The conference is run by the Victorian Algebra Group, which has been a special interest group of the Australian Mathematical Society since 1988.

We particularly encourage talks by students. Most students talk about original research undertaken as part of their thesis. But beginning students can give a survey talk on their thesis topic. Students should feel free to give the same talk at the VAC and the AustMS meeting. There is a prize for the best student talk: see below.


A copy of the timetable can be found here.


There is no fee for registration.

  • To register for VAC30 please clink on the link on the right-hand sidebar.
  • The duration of general presentations will be 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions. 
  • The Conference Dinner will be held on Thursday evening. (See the restaurant details given below.)


A map of the RMIT campus can be found here. The lecture venues are as follows:

  • Room 8.9.41
  • Room 8.9.42


We particularly encourage graduate students to give presentations on their work. All graduate students from Australian universities, regardless of their intention to give a talk, are entitled to apply to the organisers for a small travel contribution. (The amount will depend on the number of applicants.) This contribution is given as a cheque upon presentation of travel and/or accommodation receipts to at least the value of the amount being reimbursed.

Australian participants in financial need may also apply for a small travel contribution. Participants should indicate on the registration form if they wish to apply for assistance.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide any contribution to costs for non-Australian participants.


The Gordon Preston Prize is awarded for the best presentation at the VAC given by a current student based at an Australian university.  The presentations will be judged by a panel appointed by the executive committee.  The winner of the prize will receive $200. The Rules for the Gordon Preston Prize are available here.


If you need help finding accommodation, please contact the conference organiser ( as soon as possible.


Ganesha Indian Restaurant, 643 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North. Phone: (03) 9347 6387.




For information on bus, train and tram timetables you should consult the following websites.

  • Map of RMIT University
    • All talks will be in Rooms 8.9.41 and 8.9.42. These rooms are just along the corridor and around the corner from the General Office of the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences (Room 8.9.01).
    • Registration and coffee will be in the Mathematics Staff Room 8.9.03 (Building 8, Level 9, Room 3).
  • Conference Location
    • RMIT's main campus adjoins the intersection of Latrobe St and Swanston St in Melbourne's central business district. RMIT is diagonally opposite the Swanston St entrance of Melbourne Central Railway Station. The station is part of the underground rail loop connected to Flinders St Station and Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St Station). Most suburban train lines go through the loop. Passengers travelling on country train lines can change to a loop train at Flinders St Station or Southern Cross Station.
    • Many trams (such as the No. 1 tram and the No. 16 tram) go down Swanston St past RMIT's Building 8, and the tram stop at Latrobe St (very near Melbourne Central Railway Station) is a good place to alight.
    • Building 8 is on the eastern side of Swanston St, a very short walk north along Swanston St from Latrobe St.
    • There are numerous local cafes where a variety of lunches can be found.